Replaced partreplacement date
Sedimentation candle (initial)two months
Granular carbon candle (second)from 4 - 6 months
Solid carbon candle (third)from 4 - 6 months
ago (fourth)two years
Carbon powder candle (fifth)year
Bio ceramic and calcite (sixth) candle in generalyear
Infrared candle response (seventh) from 1 - 1.5 years
The last UV sterilization unit (optional) two years


Stage 1

(Stage 1) 5micron sediment filter: with only five micron rating It is effective in removing dirt. Rust and sand particle

Stage 2

(Stage 2) Granular activated carbon filter: it takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. it provides enhanced reduction of taste. Odor. And color

Stage 3

(Stage 3) Block activated carbon filter: It takes all the remain chlorine and organic chemicals.

stage 4

(stage 4) Reverse osmosis membrane: A thin film composite (TFC) high quality membrane that processes 80 gallons per remove the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water lead. Cooper. barium. chromium. mercury. sodium .cadmium . fluoride .nitrite .nitrate and selenium

Stage 5

(Stage 5) Post carbon filter: this carbon post filter remove objectionable taste and odors to enhance the quality of your drinking water and guarantee the taste of water

Stage 6

(Stage 6) Bioceramic mineral filter: this filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary for proper human development and natural mineral waters.

Stage 7

(Stage 7) (Bio ceramic mineral filter INFRA – RED FILTER) this filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary for proper human development and health natural mineral waters

Stage 8: UV (optional)

It sterilizes water with ultraviolet radiation, which penetrates the DNA of bacteria cells, microorganisms, and parasites and prevents them from multiplying

Housing containers and containers

Manufactured from polypropylene, which is an internationally certified material for safe use in food and beverages, it preserves the filter body and install gaskets in it to prevent water leakage

High Quality system

system is a modern kitchen appliance that has been carefully designed with health consciousness. Efficiency. High performance and convenience in mind. Comopure system are the world's most elegant water filter systems. Comopure system uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology-which is recognized as the most effective at significantly reducing a large number of contaminants that may be in your water No other home water treatment system offers you as much protection and reliability

Low pressure switch

A sensor that feels low pressure in the feed water disconnects the pump from working

Fits conveniently the kitchen sink

The stylish design of our system was created to fit elegantly in any kitchen environment. The clean lines and graceful contours of the bright white cabinet make it the most attractive reverse osmosis water system available